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FREE to play... FREE to win!

Zappta is introducing a whole new adventurous shopping experience for its customers. Zappta is a global online marketplace, where people come together not only to sell, buy and collect items they love but also have a chance to win their loved products for free. Yes, Zappta is surprisingly offering branded products that anyone can only dream of for free by just playing a spin wheel game. Zappta’s unique spin game offering is developed on its existing range of shopping brands and rewards that excites customers and save their time and money. We make the whole process easy, helping customers connect directly with brands to find something extraordinary. Our passion for delighting customers drives us to constantly invent on their behalf. Working backward from customer needs, we’re constantly seeking to improve our services, to add benefits and features. With this in mind, over the years we’ve launched Zappta. At every purchase or even interaction with the website, the customer will earn Zappta coins that can be used to play a spin game and win favorite products for free.

How can Zappta do it?

High-value brands want you to engage with their many products, so they pay us to give away free shopping sprees to winners of our new, high-thrill shopping game called Shop n’ Spin.
  • Whenever customers interact with the website, visit the store, explore products or play the game he/she will earn rewards in points, called zappta dollars.
  • Enter Zappta Spin the Wheel game for the chance to win your favorite items.
  • Each 1 Zappta Dollar bet converts to 1 point and a spin is taken. On every spin, there will be a minimum bet of 1 Zappta to a maximum bet of 25 Zapptas.
  • The game will be comprised of a Spin-to-Win wheel. There will be a countdown timer for the duration of the game. Before Users can play the game they must add the product/products they want to win to their Shop n’ Spin Cart. The products they can choose are from the store that is running that particular giveaway.
  • Spin the wheel when it stopped congratulations you win a favorite product/points absolutely free.
  • Earn zappta Points on every dollar you spend. Follow us and let the shopping begin. Zappta Points will be added to your account when your order is completed.
  • Earn more zappta dollars you will have more chances to participate in the Shop n’ Spin game and win free giveaway products.

Quality & Price

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Shop n' Win

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